Since 2012, Afaithstone have been specialized in marble mosaic tile and marble floor tiles.


Company culture


The company’s belief is based on The Analects, the collection of teachings and thoughts of Confucius, the Chinese philosopher.

It says that Faith and Trust are equal to credit in the business world and we consider it crucial for the success of our operation. Under the Company’s name, the employees have devoted themselves to deliver the highest quality product, reaching the client’s expectations and creating a remarkable example for future generations.   

Faith and Trust are the pillars of all our relationships!

Our advantages


 One-stop service 

We have “One-stop” service for marble floor tiles ranging from mosaic, tile, moulding and waterjets.


 No trading 

Whatever products we offer, we offer directly from our factories, no trading in the middle.


 Most cost-saving way 

We have most cost-saving way for our products, firstly we buy block directly from the quarry.



With blocks cut into slabs, and with slabs into tiles, we use the leftovers to make mosaics, we try to do most economic way and environment-friendly.


 Special designer team 

We have our special designer team to make our unique designs time by time , new product development is taken as the major part of our job.

Our Factory

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