Since 2012, Afaithstone have been specialized in marble mosaic tile and marble floor tiles.

Marble Mosaic Tile

Marble mosaic tile makes the best use of leftovers from tiles/ countertops, can't imagine how the world will be without mosaic designs! marble mosaic tile is an artistic work and creative existence that makes our life more artistic.

Xiamen AFaith mosaic tile factory was established in 2012 year.

Marble mosaic floor tile material includes Italian white marble-like Bianco Carrara,Statuary White,Calcatta gold,Bardiglio nuvlato,Greece marble like Thassos White, Jazz White,Arish White.Turkey marble like Turkey Beige ,Dolomite White,Dark Emperador Light Emperador. Brazil marble like Blue Celeste (the Azul Ciello as Brazil local call it ) .Chinese marble like White wood grain ,Athen woodgrain ,Ming Green ,Blue basalt etc.

Designs like Square1"X1", 2"X2", Hexagon1", Hexagon2", Hexagon3", Hexagon5", Herringbone, Basketweave, Chevron Mosaic, Penny round marble mosaic floor tile, Oral round, Lantern marble mosaic tile, Fan marble mosaic tile, Strips with multi-width, Grand brick, midi brick et

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