Since 2012, Afaithstone have been specialized in marble mosaic tile and marble floor tiles.


Custom Service

How we process from order confirmation to order delivery?

1. Drawing ----Possible process not a must

When our client has their own request in some design, they will send a drawing.

If our customer doesn't have it, our designer will make a drawing according to the sent picture.

with specific dimensions including sizes of gaps, chips, frame sheetsize ,covering sheetsize (the area sizes that they actually buy and need to pay).

2. Real sample confirmation

When drawing is confirmed, we make real sample accordingly for customer's approval.

3. Make the pre-production samples

Before mass production is processed, we have the pre-production samples made out from the mass production material.

4. Mass production will put in process as planned

After pre-production is confirmed, mass production will put in process as planned.Production is processed in 7 steps:

5. Individual shrink-wrapping

Individual shrink-wrapping ---Not a must, only specially requested

6. Packaging

7. Loading

Do you have worry on the color consistence of marble mosaics ?


---With the approved sample at hands , we find out the raw material with closest color background and veins, which is the first but most important step , to find the right material !


---Workers will sort out those BROKEN TILES with obvious color difference, to limit wrong material from mixing into mass production avoiding wasting time. And make a rough sorting when chips are out.


---Workers will finer sorting before they put chips into the mould and do mesh mounting.


---As chips are still wet when they are mesh-mounted, so there can be still some color/quality issue after products are finished and dried. Our On line inspection solves this problem. When we do final inspection, we take sheets from different stacks of production and interlock them together to check if colors are in consistence with each other.

Do you have worry on marble mosaics with thickness issue ?

1. we have a fixed procedure called thickness gauging before or after polishing process.

2. Workers will touch the surface of the whole sheet before mesh mounting .

3. In final inspection ,when sheets are interlocked together to check color consistence, we will check again on the surface to make sure thickness is within the range.

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