Since 2012, Afaithstone have been specialized in marble mosaic tile and marble floor tiles.

flower pattern mosaic

Afaithstone has created a number of successful series, and flower mosaic tile is one of them. Flower mosaic tile is a high-quality product made of good materials. The flower pattern mosaic tile is of waterproofness and weather resistance. The flower pattern mosaic tile is used in a wide range of applications. Afaithstone has a comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service system. We are capable of providing efficient and quality services.

All manufacturing processes and test procedures of Afaithstone are strictly overseen by our professional workers according to the standards of building materials. The flower pattern mosaic tilet is featured by super-low water permeation rates. The flower mosaic tile stands out for its fire resistance. Afaithstone flower mosaic tile has been fire tested with a structural loading to ensure structural integrity under design loads. The product is featured by super-low water permeation rates. Most of the property developers praised that this flower pattern mosaic tile is outstanding and satisfying because it can ensure the strength and durability of the building projects that are constructed. The flower mosaic tile is featured by super-low water permeation rates.

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